Our endpoint security platform prevents advanced attacks and detects and evicts resident adversaries at the earliest and all stages of the cyber kill chain.


Endgame’s unique HA-CFI™ technology is part of a multilayer approach that monitors behavior at the chip, kernel, and user level to detect and prevent known and never-before-seen attacker techniques.


Endgame’s hunt automation instantly detects adversaries already resident in enterprise networks providing analysts with full data validation and precision response actions.

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Think Like the Attacker

Our Hunter's Handbook dispels misperceptions about threat hunting to help enterprises hunt for advanced threats within their network and protect their most critical assets.
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Event: FS-ISAC Fall Summit

Visit our booth at the Fall Summit to see a live demonstration of the Endgame platform. Can't attend? You can still request a virtual demo with one of our experts!

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Presentation: Hunt Before the Incident

This talk will cover how incident responders can hunt within their network. Our expert will talk about the techniques and best practices to hunt with their environment.

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Data Sheet: Automate the Hunt

Motivated cyber adversaries are on the offense. This data sheet provides an overview of Endgame's hunt platform and demonstrates how the solution will empower enterprises to hunt within their networks.

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Webinar: Hunting with Machine Learning

Endgame's Principal Data Scientist Hyrum Anderson presents a webinar about how Endgame uses automated malware classification techniques to hunt for cyber adversaries within enterprise networks.

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“Enterprises can no longer sit back and wait for threat data to come to them. The next generation of security challenges requires a more proactive approach to detect and respond to threats that have evaded defensive technologies. I have found Endgame’s Hunt platform helpful in allowing an analyst to quickly detect never-before-visible malicious behaviors on host systems, and block and remove threats in real-time."
— Ryan Gurr, Information Security Manager at NuScale Power
"The next generation of cyber threats demand a solution that proactively seeks out adversaries and eliminates them from networks. Endgame’s heritage defending the most complex networks against the most sophisticated adversaries makes the company unique in its ability to move enterprises from being the hunted to being the hunter.”
— Ted Schlein, Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers
“ The rules of the game have changed. Organizations are compromised and need to hunt for adversaries in their networks. Endgame’s approach to threat hunting will better equip organizations with the tools necessary to stop advanced adversaries at the earliest stages.”
— Dr. Eric Cole, Secure Anchor Consulting, Former SANS Instructor