Stealth. Speed. Precision.

Endgame, the Cyber Operations Platform, automates the hunt for adversaries in enterprise critical infrastructure. Built on our unique knowledge of the adversaries' tools, techniques, and tactics, our technologies detect and prevent malicious activity, ensuring your responders contain intrusions at the earliest phase of the kill chain.

Learn How the Endgame Cyber Operations Platform Automates the Hunt in Enterprise Networks.

  • "The next generation of cyber threats demand a solution that proactively seeks out adversaries and eliminates them from networks. Endgame’s heritage defending the most complex networks against the most sophisticated adversaries makes the company unique in its ability to move enterprises from being the hunted to being the hunter.”

    - Ted Schlein, Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers


     “Endgame is the only security product we’ve seen that can outmaneuver and eliminate the most sophisticated adversaries from networks. And as attacks become more targeted and advanced, Endgame is uniquely positioned to prevent damage and loss.” 

    - Jeremy Bash, Beacon Global Strategies