A CSO’s 2017 Playbook for Effective Security (Infographic)

Cybersecurity today is in a state of failure and CSOs are scrambling to keep up. Organizations spent $75B in the US last year on security products and services, representing 11% of total spending on IT. And yet 75% of large enterprises are breached and the average dwell time of the adversary from breach to detection is 99 days. In light of these challenges in such a fluid and fast-moving space, effective enterprise security requires understanding that old techniques don’t work anymore and success comes from investing in what does. In addition, security practitioners are overwhelmed with a flood of attacks and alerts, so it’s incumbent on the CSO to invest in technologies and implement strategies that make their jobs easier. For enterprises seeking to improve their security operations in the face of an ever-evolving threat landscape, check out Endgame's infographic below on how to establish an effective enterprise security framework that gets results.