Forbes Cloud 100

Forbes 2018 Cloud 100

From the day Endgame shipped its first product, our mission has been to protect the world’s data from attack by simplifying and scaling an organization’s ability to tackle what would otherwise be a daunting cybersecurity challenge. This year has served as witness to how we are delivering on that promise, and we are honored to be recognized as the only DC-based company on the Forbes 2018 Cloud 100 list.

Over the past 12 months we have worked hard to expand our platform capabilities and make it even more accessible for users of any skill level to defend their organizations against threat actors. Over the Summer, we released MalwareScore for macros, a feature that uses machine learning to automatically detect and prevent malware for emerging targets like Microsoft Office macros. We also followed up on the release of Artemis, the world’s first intelligent assistant for cyber defense, with Resolver to simplify how security professionals identify the origin and the extent of a compromise through an attack visualization. We collaborated with the MITRE Corporation to validate the performance of the Endgame platform against the ATT&CK Matrix, and became the first endpoint protection vendor to go beyond the scope of malware-based efficacy against nation-state level attacks. Finally, Endgame championed transparency in security through the release of cutting-edge open source cybersecurity tools including Red Team Automation, Xori and Ember that aim to support the next generation of defenders.

What all of these initiatives have in common is making security attainable to a wider range of professionals in the face of increasingly sophisticated attacks - but we’re not done yet. Endgame is already the standard endpoint protection platform across much of the U.S. federal government, and thanks to our team’s continued technology innovation and focus on ease-of-use, we have seen unprecedented success in the commercial sector as well. Endgame’s commercial customer base has grown fivefold in 2018 alone, across critical industries such as financial services, energy and healthcare.

While Endgame is already a proud advocate of cloud for its scalability and streamlining of processes, we know there is more opportunity to innovate our product to meet the growing demands of organizations that are taking a cloud-first approach. We are committed to continuing to scale and strengthen our platform to ensure Endgame is the last endpoint protection agent our customers will ever need.

We want to say thank you - to our customers for their vote of confidence in our technology, to our incredible team of researchers, engineers and support staff for sharing our vision, and to Forbes, for recognizing our commitment through this award. In the words of Frank Sinatra, “The best is yet to come!”