On Military-grade, MITRE ATT&CK™, And You


To quote our very own Ian McShane (so he doesn’t always have to quote himself), “there are many things US military and commercial organizations don’t have in common: clothes, transportation, hopefully weapons, and seriously different employment agreements.”  

But the two things they do have in common are: 

1. MITRE ATT&CK™ - An evolved vision of the adversary must drive protections. 

MITRE, as an operator of FFRDCs, has only one customer: the US government.  It developed ATT&CK on their behalf to improve knowledge of the modern cyber adversary.  The US government was also Endgame’s first customer. We followed closely the development of MITRE’s ATT&CK model and were the first to incorporate it into our research and engineering – ensuring our solutions had the strategic scope and depth to defend an organization that is attacked relentlessly by the most sophisticated adversaries.

2. The people you have right now, not the people you might get somehow, must be immediately effective against the modern adversary.  

There's only one organization that depends on people with minimal domain experience; who they get to keep for about 18 months before they have to start again with new people. Again, same organization, our first customer.  With six weeks of basic desktop and network training, and Endgame, they are on the job defending, responding to incidents, and hunting modern adversaries.  

Our execution on these two requirements is why today we are a standard advanced endpoint protection solution across the US Department of Defense, and it is why we call Endgame’s solution “military-grade.”   

The need for an evolved understanding of the adversary, and for immediate productivity, have converged for all organizations – both government and commercial. Our customers are leaders in commercial verticals including finserv, fintech, healthcare, oil and gas, mining, manufacturing, and higher education. 

Endgame is the first and only single agent endpoint prevention, detection and response security solution, with coverage across MITRE ATT&CK, that protects autonomously, and can be operated by the people you already have.

If you’ll be at RSA, we'd be pleased if you would come talk to us at booth 1827 South.  Ian McShane, Mark Dufresne, and Mike Nichols, our Product Marketing, Research, and Product Management leaders, will be there with members of their teams to dig into the MITRE evaluation data and other third-party evaluations and show you the product.  But really, more than anything, to make best use of your time, we’d love to hear from you on these two questions:   

  1. How important is MITRE ATT&CK to your organization?  Zero, growing, fundamental? 

  1. What impact is the lack of available skills having on your team's ability to protect your organization against modern attacks?   

If you’re not at RSA next week, we are as ever, very proud to discuss with you what we do and why, perhaps like never before, our military-grade solution is exactly what you ought to have.