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Endgame Reflex is the first technology that brings customized protection within reach of IT Operations, eliminates the time between detection and response, addressing the 'breakout window' across enterprise networks, with zero cloud assistance.

Security and operations analysts create custom protection rules from Endgame's pre-built templates, or from scratch, using Event Query Language (EQL), within an IDE that allows rapid prototyping and through testing. Once the rule's criteria is matched, the Reflex response executes in real-time without having to wait for the cloud to respond.

Reflex Solution Brief

What is Reflex?

Endgame Endpoint Protection


Endgame's AI-powered chatbot, Artemis®, puts powerful analytics in plain English, elevating tier 1 analysts and accelerating tier 3s.

Analysts use Artemis to prioritize, triage, and remediate alerts without relying on complex queries and known IOCs. With Artemis, you can gather and analyze data in minutes across hundreds of thousands of endpoints that would have otherwise taken hours or days with traditional EDR tools.

What is Artemis?

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Endgame Resolver, our intuitive attack visualization, renders the origin, extent, and timeline with real-time analysis of file, registry, user, process, network, and DNS data. This visualization empowers analysts to determine root cause and take immediate action without leaving the page.

Total Attack Lookback

Endgame Endpoint Protection

Flexible Architecture

Event Query Language (EQL)

Endgame's event query language - the first of its kind - provides advanced investigators and analysts with an intuitive scripting interface to swiftly hunt for and identify suspicious activity across Endgame's uniquely enriched event data, using the Artemis chat interface.

Tough question, easy query:
Did net.exe run from a PowerShell instance that made network activity and wasn’t a descendant of NoisyService.exe?

event query language, EQL

Getting Started with EQL

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