Independent Testing Confirms Endgame Prevention Certified to Protect Business Environments

AV Comparatives Validates Endgame for Signatureless Malware and Exploit Protection in Competitive Test

ARLINGTON, VA - October 11, 2017 - Endgame, the leader in endpoint protection against targeted attacks, today announced it has been named an Approved Business Product in an independent test from AV Comparatives. To receive the certification, competing endpoint vendors must achieve a high protection rate with no false positives in a rigorous Real-World Protection Test, which measures ability to defend against new in-the-wild malware attacks. Successful completion of this test validates Endgame as uniquely positioned to replace incumbent antivirus (AV) solutions and protect against known and unknown threats without the use of signatures. Organizations benefit by receiving the most comprehensive protection against nation-state level attacks without additional overhead cost.

According to Gartner, “Security and risk management leaders should ensure that their endpoint protection vendor is evolving to defend against the rapidly changing threat landscape and the need for more efficient incident and alert response capabilities.”1

Endgame is the only comprehensive endpoint solution - once again validated as effective in threat protection - that prevents and detects in-progress attacks at scale with a single agent. With Endgame, a security team’s total time to identify, investigate, and respond to targeted attacks shifts from days with incumbent tools to minutes without disrupting normal business operations. As organizations are under increasing pressure to hire and retain top security talent, Endgame’s real-time visibility and preemptive guidance empowers less-experienced analysts with the ability to instantly immobilize and evict nation-state level attackers before information is stolen.

“Endgame’s platform elevates our tier 1 analysts to operate at a tier 3 level, allowing us to spend less time and resources on incident response and compromise assessment,” said Dan Basile, Executive Director, Office of Information Technology at Texas A&M. “With Endgame, we can prevent, detect, and proactively hunt advanced attacks at the earliest possible moment, before damage and loss of critical assets.”

Unlike EDR incumbents, Endgame’s platform is available on-prem or via the cloud with seamless agent-to-endpoint deployment from a central management console. As the rise of ransomware and other destructive attacks become widespread, the risk of relying on cloud-based analytics as the foundation for prevention technology increases. Endgame’s prevention capabilities focus on stopping both unknown and emerging threats early in the attack cycle on the endpoint, without requiring a roundtrip to the cloud to make prevention decisions. Prevention technologies that require the cloud are often too late to stop today’s attacks that only require milliseconds to execute.

"As targeted attacks are on the rise, many CISOs are looking to accomplish two things: reduce complexity around multiple point products, and retain staff with expertise required to combat modern attacks,” said Mark Dufresne, Director of Threat Research and Adversary Prevention at Endgame. “This test with AV Comparatives once again confirms that Endgame is uniquely positioned to replace legacy AV to provide customers with the most comprehensive protection against attacker innovations with the people you already have.”

To learn more about this test, read the AV Comparatives report or check out our latest prevention blog on why milliseconds matter.

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Endgame's converged endpoint security platform is transforming security programs - their people, processes and technology - with the most powerful endpoint protection and simplest user experience, ensuring analysts of any skill level can stop targeted attacks before information theft. Endgame unifies prevention, detection, and threat hunting to stop known and unknown attacker behaviors at scale with a single agent. For more information, visit and follow us on Twitter @EndgameInc.

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1Gartner,  Redefining Endpoint Protection for 2017 and 2018, September 29, 2017