U.S. Air Force Enlists Endgame to Deliver Automated Solution to Hunt Adversaries

Arlington, VA – December 10, 2015 - Endgame, Inc., a leading provider of cybersecurity software solutions to protect enterprise networks from the most sophisticated adversaries, announced today that it has successfully executed asole source contract with the U.S. Air Force to safeguard networks for their Cyber Protection Teams. Endgame will provide the U.S. Air Force with a comprehensive Cyber Operations Platform to hunt adversaries through stealth operations, attacker detection, and automated response in order to protect critical infrastructure.

Endgame developed its “automate the hunt” technology through its work with organizations running the largest cyber-operations in the world, including the U.S. Department of Defense and Intelligence Community. Its research has revealed a distinct gap in organizations’ abilities to proactively hunt for cyber threats and risks. Traditional security methods, such as antivirus, network IDSes, and firewalls, are no longer sufficient to catch today’s advanced threats –  leaving government agencies and defense organizations vulnerable to breaches that bypass perimeter defenses.

“Endgame is providing the U.S. Air Force with the necessary technologies to proactively hunt cyber threats and the critical guidance to update its processes and shift its operational focus to adopt a hunt mentality,” said Nate Fick, CEO of Endgame. “The hunting process is missing in many agencies’ approach to cyber defense. We’ve developed this methodology to disrupt the kill chain at all stages of an attack. This will enable the Air Force and U.S. Cyber Command to better discover, mitigate, and respond to adversarial risks and threats.”

Endgame’s methodology, known as the Hunt Cycle, enables organizations to disrupt breaches before they have an impact – detecting and stopping adversaries before damage and loss occurs. Automation and interdiction at multiple phases of the kill chain is essential to achieve this goal. The Hunt Cycle is based on the underlying Endgame Cyber Operations Platform, an architecture built on three unique technologies: stealth sensors, an analytic engine, and extensible architecture. For additional information please visit: www.endgame.com.

About Endgame

Endgame is a leading provider of endpoint security solutions that enable enterprises to close the protection gap against advanced adversaries prevent advanced attacks and detect and eliminate resident [or ongoing] attacks. The Endgame platform empowers hunt teams, incident responders, and security analysts to conduct an end-to-end hunt mission, significantly reducing the time to detect and contain adversaries. Our IOC-independent platform covers the entire kill chain, leveraging machine learning and data science to uncover, in real-time, unique attacks that evade traditional defenses and respond precisely without disrupting normal business operations. For more information, visit www.endgame.com and follow us on Twitter@EndgameInc.