We can’t rely on black swans: Three areas to improve cyber policy now

cyber policy

What will it take for cybersecurity policy to finally catch up to the digital age? I get this question often, and increasingly I worry that it will take a true “black swan” event to shock the system. Black swan events are rare, come as a surprise, and have a major impact. However, in 2017 alone, we seem to have already spotted a few black swans: WannaCry ransomware disrupted 300,000 machines, and just weeks later we saw NotPetya, both of which continue to cause disruption.

CrashOverride/Industroyer emerged as a highly customizable malware aimed at disrupting power grids (and succeeding in Kiev), and elections across the globe have experienced interference and hacked data dumps. Any one of these might have seemed to be enough of a black swan to warrant attention on the policy front, and yet almost nothing has changed.

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