Endgame is the only endpoint security platform that stops targeted attacks and all of their technologies and techniques, before damage and loss occurs, with the people you already have. Our single-agent solution for IT Operations, SOC, and Hunt teams, replaces multiple agents for prevention, detection and response, and threat hunting, providing full stack protection at the earliest and all stages of the attack lifecycle.


Full-stack prevention, accelerated detection and response, and automated hunting stops targeted attacks across the breadth and depth of the MITRE ATT&CKTM matrix.

  • Exploit Prevention: Patent-pending Hardware Assisted Control Flow Integrity and enhanced Dynamic Binary Instrumentation blocks zero-day exploits before malicious code execution.
  • Malware Prevention: Machine learning powered signature-less malware prevention, Endgame MalwareScore®, certified by SE Labs and AV-Comparatives and running in VirusTotal, prevents execution of known and unknown malware with 99.5% efficacy.
  • Fileless Attack Prevention: Patent-pending process injection prevention and MalwareScore® prevents malicious module loads, dll injection, and shellcode injection to stop adversary evasion and fileless attacks.
  • Malicious Macro Prevention: Heuristic-based macro prevention blocks malicious macros embedded in commonly targeted applications such as MS Office applications.
  • Ransomware Prevention: Behavior-based ransomware prevention is effective against ransomware families such as BadRabbit, Petya, WannaCry, Locky, etc. Our ransomware prevention monitors all process activity to stop ransomware attacks before encryption.
  • ​Technique-focused protection: expands across the breadth and depth of the MITRE ATT&CKTM matrix stopping ongoing attacks such as malicious persistence, credential dumping, malwareless attacks, and privilege escalation by leveraging Endgame’s knowledge of adversary tradecraft.


Earliest protection with a single autonomous agent and single console to stop targeted threats

  • Autonomous agent provides 24x7 online and offline protection with no round-trip time to cloud or the platform.
  • Precision and scalable response empowers SOC teams to restore endpoints at enterprise scale with zero business disruption.
  • ​Tradecraft analytics and Outlier analysis streamlines detection and response workflows to surface suspicious artifacts across millions of records in minutes.


Elevate Tier 1 analysts and accelerate Tier 3 analysts to stop targeted attacks.

  • Endgame’s AI-powered security mentor, Artemis®, uses natural language understanding to automate data collection, investigation, and alert triage at enterprise scale.
  • Endgame ResolverTM attack visualization instantly renders the origin, extent and timeline of an attack by leveraging real-time data collection and analysis for file, registry, user, process, network, netflow, and DNS data.
  • Endgame Arbiter®, automates advanced attack analysis to determine file reputation, attack type, and other attributes, extracting IOCs to reveal previously unknown threats across the entire enterprise.