Really Endgame?

Over the past year, attackers, using tools and techniques that were once the domain of nation-state actors, have deployed them widely against enterprises, shifting from files to memory, moving from mayhem to money, threatening lives, political process, and the disruption of public services.

Legacy protection vendors building on an outdated vision of attacker behavior - have attempted to stitch together technologies, AV, NGAV, exploit protection, IOC search, and IR tools. The result - customers must wrangle multi-agent products, into a defense that’s costly, complex, with gaps, and overlaps that ensure attackers can succeed at will.

Endgame is the only single-agent endpoint protection platform to unify prevention and EDR to stop known and never-before-seen attackers, at scale, with the people you already have.

“Endgame elevates our tier 1 analysts to operate at a tier 3 level, allowing us to spend less time and resources on incident response and compromise assessment. With Endgame, we can prevent, detect, and proactively hunt advanced attacks at the earliest possible moment, before damage and loss of critical assets."

— Dan Basile, Information Security Officer, Texas A&M