Endgame partners with industry leaders to offer a range of comprehensive solutions to our customers. Our partnership program is designed to help customers transform their prevention, detection, and response programs. Our partners benefit from the ability to leverage Engame’s award-winning technology to power their businesses.  



Offer Differentiated

through award-winning prevention, detection,and response technology

Optimize Service

through automation, a single-agent architecture, and open APIs

Increase Business

through low-friction, high-return, partnership terms

Paul Daugherty, Chief Technology & Innovation Officer at Accenture

As the Chief Technology & Innovation Officer, I’m tasked with finding the best emerging technologies for our global customer base.

Uncovering the right technology for our customers is particularly important in an industry like cybersecurity where attackers are constantly out-innovating defenses to steal critical information. Endgame’s technology continues to impress us and our global customer base, and is truly disruptive in the way that it helps security teams to stop the most malicious attacks faster and with more precision.​


Endgame and Accenture offer threat hunting as a service to provide organizations with the security operations expertise and technology required to effectively protect endpoints.

Corvil's real-time, granular network visibility and user tracking capability combined with Endgame’s full-stack endpoint visibility protects against the most malicious attack types.

Endgame partnered with Spire, a leading distributor of Information Security Solutions and Services, to deliver its platform to Spire's broad client base in the Middle East.

Managed EDR™ combines Morphick’s proven adaptive security service with Endgame’s unmatched ability to stop targeted attacks before information theft.