Endgame and Accenture offer hunting-as-a-service to help organizations that lack the combination of security operations expertise, continuous processes, and leading-edge technology required to effectively protect networks. 



Vik Desai, Managing Director, Global Practice Lead - Analytic Security, Accenture

"Endgame has a rich and proven reputation of intercepting the most sophisticated of adversaries-in-motion for the US government's defense and intelligence organizations. By adding Endgame to our ecosystem of security alliance partners, we are even better equipped to help our clients identify and eradicate malicious attacks faster and far more effectively. That means they can spend less time on threats and more time on innovation and growth."

HPE Security

Endgame and HPE Security joined forces to empower security teams to hunt and evict adversaries with early prevention and IOC-independent detection. The technology partnership will empower organizations with the earliest detection and response of advanced threats that bypass traditional security technology.




Managed EDR™ combines Morphick’s proven adaptive security service and tradecraft with Endgame’s unmatched ability to prevent advanced attacks, stop ongoing attacks, and hunt next-generation threats at the earliest stages. 

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 Spire Solutions

Spire Solutions is the leading distributor of Information Security Solutions and Services in the Middle East. Endgame will be available to Spire’s broad client base in the Middle East which includes 700 clients across 15 countries.