Endgame prevents document-based phishing before execution

Cyberattacks on the World Cup, Pyeongchang Winter Olympics, financial, chemical and biological threat prevention labs, and Russian election interference all began with spear phishing.  The Verizon 2018 DBIR report reveals that 4 percent of people targeted in every email phishing campaign will click on the attachment. Unfortunately, 94% of the time the attachment is malicious and it just takes one click for a campaign to succeed. Once clicked it takes clickers 30 minutes on average to report it.  The report also says that only 17% of attacks are reported. While these relied heavily on email delivery, social media delivered phishing is up 100 percent. Phishing breach is inevitable.

Endgame document-based phishing prevention is the first and only technology that can identify known and unknown malicious attachments BEFORE any execution of attacker code, stopping all clickers, and preventing future clickers.

Just ask Artemis to find all the other malicious attachments