Early Prevention. Instant Detection. Automated Threat Hunting.


A centrally-managed endpoint platform that prevents, detects, and hunts known and unknown threats at the earliest and all stages of the attack lifecycle. 


Endgame prevents compromise including exploits, malware, and malware-less attacks.  

Endgame stops on-going attacks at the earliest and all stages of the attack life cycle, instantly detecting and stopping privilege escalation, defense evasion, malicious persistence, credential access, and propagation

Endgame automates the hunt for the next generation of attacks by surfacing suspicious artifacts and malicious activity with pre-built whitebox analytics and act with precision to prevent disruption. 



Attack Lifecycle Coverage


Case Study: Endgame Stops Fileless Attacks

Learn how Endgame's in-memory protection stops fileless attacks. 
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Endgame Advantages



Earliest Prevention and Accelerated Detection 

Predictive Exploit Prevention (HA-CFI™) stops attacks in real-time before code execution, including complete prevention of zero day exploits.

Signature-less Attack Protection (MalwareScore™) instantly indentifies 99% of known and unknown malicious files without relying on IOCs.

Fileless Attack Protection stops malwareless attacks by detecting advanced evasion techniques in on enterprise endpoints.

Ransomware Prevention using behavior-based protections at all phases of attack lifecycle.

Unlimited Scalability with Single, Dissolvable Agent

Single, dissolvable agent managed from a single console at enterprise scale.

Multi-server management for the world’s largest organizations, supporting unlimited endpoints.  


Preemptive Guidance and Automated Workflow

Machine learning-powered chatbot named Artemis, provides SOC teams with conversational interface to stop all attacks before theft and damage.

Whitebox analytics empowers tier 1 SOC analysts to surface suspicious artifacts across millions of records in minutes. 

Precision response empowers SOC teams to kill processes and suspend threads with zero business disruption. 

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