Early Prevention. Instant Detection.

Our platform prevents, detects, and responds to advanced attackers without prior threat intelligence. 

Endgame Prevent stops adversaries at the earliest and all stages of the kill chain, including pre-exploitation, exploit execution, privilege escalation, process injection and credential theft.

Endgame Detect and Respond™ protects enterprises from resident attackers using advanced techniques such as persistence, in-memory fileless attacks, and privilege escalation before damage and loss occurs. 



Kill Chain Coverage


Case Study: Endgame Prevents Ransomware

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Endgame Advantages



IOC Independent Detection

  • Pre-exploit prevention (Endgame HA-CFI™) stops adversaries before code execution.
  • Signature-less Malware detection (Endgame MalwareScore™) instantly indentifies known and unknown malicious files using machine learning.
  • In-Memory attack detection stops attackers from hiding in memory to evade detection, preventing fileless attacks.



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Simplified Operations

  • Single stealthy sensor stops advanced threats at the earliest and all stages of the kill chain before damage and loss.
  • Signature diversity within and across enterprises prevents malware from fingerprinting and evading Endgame.
  • Hardened sensors stop attackers from disabling or tampering with Endgame.



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Surgical Response

  • Precision thread-level suspension ensures complete protection of compromised systems with zero business disruption.
  • Response Actions to kill, block processes and remove files cuts remediation from hours to minutes.


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Hunt Automation

  • Automated Investigations reduce the hunt from days to seconds with one-click detections of adversary techniques at scale across the network. 
  • Advanced analytics and automated data collection elevate tier 1 analysts to detect and remediate before loss of critical assets.

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