Endgame at RSA 2016

Endgame was at RSA 2016 exhibiting how we automate the hunt for sentient adversaries. To keep the conversation going, click below to contact us.


Endgame RSA Tech Talks


Extracting Insights from Endgame’s Global Honeypot Sensors by Andrew Morris [@Andrew___Morris]

This talk will discuss Faraday, Endgame’s globally distributed set of customized sensors, that listen to activity on the Internet, as well as recent insights extracted from the data. In addition, we will discuss some of the trends and use case of how Faraday supports detection of malicious activity, support prioritization, and analytic efforts.

​Dynamic Detection of Malicious Behavior by Amanda Rousseau

Listen to a brief overview of five of the most common malicious behavior strategies, the changes in the threat landscape based on these strategies, and examples of dynamic detection for malicious behavior.

Machine Learning for Malware Identification and Classification by Phil Roth [@mrphilroth]

In this talk, we will give an overview of the machine learning model that is the foundation of Endgame’s automated malware classifier. We will discuss challenges and best approaches to finding a metric that adequately summarizes a model's performance recognizing malware and we will show how model results inform the more tactical analysis of malware researchers.

Worst-Case Scenario: Being Detected without Knowing You are Detected by Mike Nichols 

Come listen to our hunt expert give an overview of the requirements for hunting within enterprise networks. This talk will dive into details of how to think like an adversary and why being stealthy is mandatory to hunt for the sentient adversary.