RSA Conference 2017

Endgame is the only endpoint solution that closes the protection gap, with technique-based prevention of new attacks and instant detection of on-going attacks, without any prior knowledge, before damage and loss can occur. 

Our Experts
We gave live presentations in our booth at the top of every hour throughout the conference discussing closing the protection gap, fileless attacks and intelligent assistants/chatbots.

Justin Harvey, Managing Director, Accenture Security
Justin spoke about Managed Hunting as a Service at the Endgame booth at 2:15pm PT on Tuesday, February 14.

Brian Minick, Former CISO, GE Aviation, Energy & Transportation and current CEO, Morphick Defense
Brian spoke at the Endgame booth at 11:00am PT on Wednesday, February 15 then hosted a book signing of his newly published book "Facing Cyber Threats Head On".