Endgame Guide: How to Develop the Best Plan of ATT&CK™

About the Guide
So... Are we good? That is the final question of many meetings on cybersecurity status between a c-level executive and her cybersecurity team. Whether the meeting resulted from a board-level panic at the latest breach headline, a proactive strategy to secure proprietary data and critical systems, a regulatory mandate, or something else, the core question remains the same: are we good?

What you will learn in this guide:

  • How security teams of any size can leverage the ATT&CK™ Matrix

  • How you can use the Matrix to inform your cybersecurity strategy

  • How ATT&CK™ can be used as a training tool to learn more about attacker tradecraft

About the Author

Mark Dufresne is the Vice President of Research & Development. Mark has over 12 years of experience in offensive and defensive cyber security as an Operations Chief and Manager at the National Security Agency. Mark earned his BS in Computer Science from the University of Minnesota and his MS in Security Informatics from Johns Hopkins University.