Endgame published 53 blogs in 2016 covering a variety of topics. Here's a recap of our readers' Top 5 favorite blogs.

5. Instegogram: Leveraging Instagram For C2 Via Image Steganography
This blog discusses the use of social media for malicious C2, as well as steganography to hide information, and how to defend against it.

4. How to Hunt: Finding the Delta
This post highlights how to use Endgame's RESTful API to identify outliers from a baseline.

3. ROP Is Dying and Your Exploit Mitigations Are On Life Support
Learn why it's important that return-oriented programming is dying.

2. Using Deep Learning To Detect DGAs
You will learn about using long short-term memory networks to detect domain generation algorithms in this post. 

1. Another 0day, Another Prevention
Read about how Endgame stopped the Firefox Tor exploit and what (non-Endgame) users can do to eliminate the cycles wasted by chasing 0days.

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