Endgame's Top 5 Blog Posts in 2017

Endgame published 68 blogs in 2017 covering a variety of topics. Here's a recap of our readers' Top 5 favorite blogs.

5. The Chakra Exploit And The Limitations Of Modern Cyber Security Threat Mitigation Techniques
This blog highlights the challenges of current mitigation techniques, using the Chakra exploit use case, demonstrating how current mitigation evasion techniques use known vulnerabilities and circumvent existing defenses. 

4. Hunting In Memory
This post discusses in memory .NET attacks, how to detect them, and also includes an open source contribution on Endgame’s GitHub page.

3. BadRabbit Technical Analysis
We reverse engineered BadRabbit and provided all the details of our findings in this blog post.

2. Ten Process Injection Techniques: A Technical Survey Of Common And Trending Process Injection Techniques
You will learn about process injection techniques, how to spot them and how the Endgame platforms stops them in this post. 

1. WCry/WanaCry Ransomware Technical Analysis
Hundreds of thousands of readers flocked to our website to read our technical analysis of WCry just hours after it hit Europe. 

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