Presentation: Combining Behavioral Analysis & OS Defenses to Combat Emerging Threats

Despite the best efforts of the security community—and big claims from security vendors—large areas of vulnerabilities and exploits remain to be leveraged by adversaries. This presentation by Endgame Director of Vulnerability Research Cody Pierce covers:

  • A new perspective on the current state of software flaws.
  • The wide margin between disclosed vulnerabilities and public exploits including a historical analysis and trending patterns.
  • Effective countermeasures that can be deployed to detect, and prevent, the exploitation of vulnerabilities.
  • The limitations of Operating System provided mitigations, and how a combination of increased countermeasures with behavioral analysis will get defenders closer to preventing the largest number of threats.

This presentation was originally delivered at RSA 2015.

About Cody: Cody Pierce has been involved in computer and network security since the mid 90s. For the past 13 years he has focused on discovery and remediation of known and unknown vulnerabilities. Instrumental in the success of HP’s Zero Day Initiative program, Cody has been exposed to hundreds of 0day vulnerabilities, advanced threats, and the most current malware research. At Endgame, Cody has lead a successful team tasked with analyzing complex software to identify unknown vulnerabilities and leveraged global situational awareness to manage customer risk.