The Value of Accenture and Endgame

The Accenture hunting-as-a-service offering was created to help organizations that lack the combination of security operations expertise, continuous processes and leading-edge technology required to effectively protect networks. It is the only offering that blends Accenture’s world-class managed security services with Endgame’s patented and proven automated hunting platform. Accenture Security has served as a trusted security partner for more than 

20 years to more than 330 clients across approximately 70 countries, and Endgame’s technologies are deployed in some of the most hostile environments on the planet.

This powerful combination means businesses benefit from Accenture’s highly skilled cyber security analysts that span a global network of cyber fusion centers and have deep experience with Endgame’s advanced technology. 


These Endgame-certified “hunters” can stealthily track the presence of adversaries, even if the attackers have disabled or evaded traditional security tools.

Once the hunters identify the source of a compromise, they can also neutralize the attackers. In addition, they can precisely and surgically remove any files or malware the attackers have inserted into the network — all with no disruption to the business.

Hunting-as-a-Service Benefits:

  • Provides continuous protection with uninterrupted detection, investigation and response.
  • Detects and stops advanced adversaries before damage is caused.
  • Evicts adversaries without interrupting critical systems.
  • Reduces incident remediation costs though early detection and surgical removal of attackers’ tactics.
  • Accelerates security maturity with a sophisticated hunting program.

Advanced, 24/7 hunting capabilities help organizations harden networks and build business resilience from the inside out. With continuous detection, investigation, response and remediation, the huntingas-a-service offering makes it extremely difficult for even the most advanced cyber adversaries to succeed