expel, managed detection and response

Endgame’s unified endpoint protection managed by Expel® provides advanced managed detection and response. The transparent managed security solution provides 24x7 detection, response, and resilience that makes security measurable. Expel analysts monitor your environment around the clock using Endgame’s comprehensive coverage across the MITRE ATT&CK™ matrix to stop threats and minimize damage and loss.


24x7 Detection and Response
Endgame’s broadest detection combined
with Expel analysts’ investigation capabilities
identifies suspicious attacker techniques and
tactics and minimizes damage and loss.
Proactive Threat Hunting
Expel analysts powered by Endgame’s
endpoint telemetry data proactively hunt for
malicious activity in your environment.
Transparent Investigations
The Expel Workbench™ allows you to watch
investigations as they unfold. You see what happened,
how Expel analysts detected it and get detailed
recommendations on how to resolve them.
Resilience Recommendations
Get recommendations based on your
environment and past trends, so you can fix the
root cause of recurring events or even prevent
them from happening in the first place.
Performance Metrics
Dashboards measure performance over time showing
progress and allowing you to hold us accountable.


Get answers...not alerts
Expel augments your
security team by surfacing
the alerts that matter most
and clearly explaining what
you should do about them.
Improve your resilience,
without alerts
Learn the root cause of
events so you can fix them
or even prevent them from
happening in the first place.
Make your existing
products work harder
Discover incidents your
products alert on but which
get lost in the white noise
because there aren’t enough
people who know how to
analyze or respond to them.