Hunting Beyond The Hype: IOCs Are Not Enough!

Cybersecurity defense strategies have run their course. Adversaries compromise at will, penetrating today’s signature and IOC dependent detection capabilities.  Most enterprises are in a cycle of constant reaction. A new approach is needed to break the cycle of reaction and eradicate the unknown.  An offense-based approach must be adopted.  

Hunting is an offense-based method for security analysts, SOC operators and incident responders to accelerate detection and eviction of adversaries before they cause damage and loss. Learn about the hunt process and new technologies that don’t depend on IOCs to provide a new level of protection, detection and precision response to known and never before seen adversaries across your endpoints. 

View this webinar on-demand to listen to Jon Oltsik, Sr. Principal Analyst, ESG and Mark Dufresne, Dir. of Malware Research and Threat Intelligence, Endgame, discuss:

  • Value of hunting
  • Best practices for hunting
  • Technologies that automate and accelerate the hunt

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