Protecting Financial Services: Endgame Stops Odinaff Campaign

The financial sector continues to be a prime target for highly sophisticated, customized attacks. The SWIFT money transfer system recently came under attack resulting in an $81 million heist of the Bangladesh Bank. This number pales in comparison to an estimated $1 billion stolen from over 100 banks worldwide by the Carbanak Group. Earlier this month, Odinaff, a precision toolkit resembling Carbanak, was used against the financial industry by criminal actors with tradecraft resembling that of nation-state hackers.  

Listen to our webinar to learn how Endgame instantly detects and evicts Odinaff at the earliest stages of the kill chain, before damage and loss occurs. Our Sr. Threat Researcher, Paul Ewing, will discuss:

- The Odinaff Campaign: advanced attacker techniques

- How Endgame stops Odinaff

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