Prevention is Failing. Detection is Too Slow.

The Challenge

Defensive security technologies fail to prevent advanced attackers from accessing enterprise networks. Once attackers have infiltrated, these solutions fail to detect them before damage and loss of critical assets.

Improving prevention of never-before-seen attacks and reducing time to detect and contain resident adversaries is essential to protecting enterprises from financial and reputational loss. 


The Solution

Endgame closes the protection gap by preventing advanced attacks at the earliest stages of the cyber kill chain and by detecting and evicting resident adversaries that evade defenses.  

Endgame transforms security operations teams and incident responders from crime scene investigators into hunters that dramatically reduce the time and cost associated with incident response and compromise assessment. 

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Endgame Advantages

Endgame Platform Overview

Learn how Endgame empowers security teams to conduct end-to-end missions and evict attackers from networks.


Ryan Gurr | Information Security Manager at NuScale Power

“Enterprises can no longer sit back and wait for threat data to come to them. The next generation of security challenges requires a more proactive approach to detect and respond to threats that have evaded defensive technologies. I have found Endgame’s Hunt platform helpful in allowing an analyst to quickly detect never-before-visible malicious behaviors on host systems, and block and remove threats at the earliest stages."

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